Joe Moore Managing Director, Marden Limited

I cannot speak highly enough of Complete Property Group and the services they offer as managing agents to one of our company’s developments in Worcester.

Their attention to detail is first rate and in all the years we have owned the investment we have not had a single matter referred to us by the owners of the flats. This is a rarity!

I have also experienced their operations on a development just outside of Stratford upon Avon where we own several apartments. In this instance we are leaseholders as opposed to freeholders and therefore seeing things from a different perspective. Their role as managing agents has started comparatively recently but the transformation in the administration and running of the development has been nothing short of miraculous. Within just a few weeks the appearance of both the blocks and grounds has undergone a huge improvement which has been recognised by everyone

They are friendly, efficient and extremely capable at what they do. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Joe Moore Managing Director, Marden Limited

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